Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist™ Contest

Welcome Elvis Tribute Artists!

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in our third annual Niagara Falls Elvis Festival. Licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, we are excited to be a preliminary competition for the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest® in Memphis in 2019.

Our three-day event will include:

  • ETAs will compete for the right to represent the Niagara Falls Elvis Festival in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Semi Final during Elvis Week 2019
  • Opportunity to perform on stage with the renowned Casino Brothers Band
  • Celebrity and experienced Elvis promoters/agents Judges
  • A People's Choice Award
  • $5,000 in prize money
  • Meal vouchers for ETA's are provided in festival welcome package

All spots are currently filled. Thank you for considering our contest.

  • Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist™ Contestin in Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Bruno Nesci: ETA Competitor

    3rd Place Winner 2018

    Bruno Nesci

  • Sylvain Leduc: ETA Competitor

    2nd Place Winner 2018

    Sylvain Leduc

  • Cote Deonath: ETA Competitor

    Champion 2018

    Cote Deonath

Are you ready to be crowned <em>King</em> of the Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist™ contest?

Are you ready to be crowned King of the

Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist™ contest?

About This Contest

In 2007, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. announced an inaugural Elvis tribute artist contest event that was a search for the "best representation of the legacy of Elvis Presley." Twenty-four of the best ETAs from around the world, who had each won a preliminary round of the competition, traveled to Memphis during Elvis Week 2007 to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

In response to the excitement generated by the first contest, Elvis Presley Enterprises has held the contest each year since, with winners of preliminary contests traveling to Memphis each August to compete for the title.

For information on this year's Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, visit the official Graceland website.

Contest Format

For our third competition, we will be accepting up to 20 Professional competitors. All competitors will compete in two rounds of two songs on Saturday (morning and afternoon), performing with tracks.

Ten (10) ETAs will move on to the semi final on Sunday morning and five (5) ETAs will compete in the final Sunday evening. Sunday competitors will each perform three songs in the semi final and two songs in the final with The Casino Brothers Band.

Prize Structure:

The winner of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest will be eligible to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis in August. Prize money will be paid in Canadian Dollars to the top three ETAs.

  • First Place: $2,000
  • Second Place: $1,000
  • Third Place: $500
  • PLUS
  • ETA representing Niagara Falls Elvis Festival at Graceland will be awarded $1,200
  • Air fare to Memphis for Elvis Week 2019 (up to $800) will be provided courtesy Centre Holidays

Peoples Choice Award

Fans will have a chance to vote for the People's Choice award after the Saturday afternoon performances. Winner of the People's Choice award will be announced Sunday night at the Finale.

2018 Niagara Falls Elvis Tribute Artist Winners


Cote Deonath competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

2nd PLACE = SYLVAIN LEDUC – Valleyfield, QC

Sylvain will represent the Niagara Falls Elvis Festival at the UETAC in Memphis. Sylvain Leduc is the 2018 Niagara Falls Elvis Festival Peoples Choice Award Winner

Pat Dunn competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

3rd PLACE = BRUNO NESCI - Woodbridge, Ontario

Bruno Nesci has been performing as Elvis since he was 8 years old. Since then, he's worked diligently to produce his professional concert and bring it to the highest level. Nesci has the looks, moves and voice which makes him one of the best Elvis performers in the business.

Bruno Nesci this the 2017 Niagara Falls Elvis Festival People's Choice Award Winner.

Bruno Nesci competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

List of all our prestigious ETA Competitors - 2019


Oliver Steinhoff, from Germany, became an Elvis fan at the age of 8. Since then Elvis and his music has made a tremendous impact on his life. Oliver feels his tribute to Elvis is not just that he is a fan but is the means to bring a legacy to the next generation by sharing his love of Elvis music with new and old fans. Oliver is an international Champions winning many awards and the European Grand Champions twice. Oliver is pleased to be making his first visit to Niagara Falls.

Oliver Steinhoff competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

SYLVAIN LEDUC (Valleyfield, Québec)

Sylvain Leduc, a native of Valleyfield, Quebec, was first introduced to Elvis' music as a young child by his uncle. It was at an early age, while living in Massachusetts, USA with his family, that Sylvain was set on the path to becoming an Elvis Tribute Artist.
At the age of 15, with his first Elvis record in hand, "I'm Leavin"/Heart of Rome", Sylvain began his tribute to Elvis and never looked back. Competing professionally since 2015, Sylvain has multiple awards and accomplishments to his credit. His most recent accolades include Top-10 Finalist in the 2018 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and 1st Runner-Up in the renowned Images of the King Contest in Memphis, Tennessee. Sylvain is honoured to return to the Niagara Falls Elvis Festival to join his ETA brothers and the fans in celebrating Elvis' life in music.

Sylvain Leduc competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

BRUNO NESCI (Woodbridge, Ontario)

Bruno Nesci has been performing as Elvis since he was 8 years old. Since then, he's worked diligently to produce his professional concert and bring it to the highest level.

Nesci has the looks, moves and voice which makes him one of the best Elvis performers in the business.

Bruno Nesci competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

MARNIE LEE MACKINTOSH (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Marnie Lee Mackintosh Is a one of a kind Tribute Artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba who captures audiences with an authentic, alluring appearance and characteristics of “The King.” Marnie’s dynamic Tribute delivers a fascinating high energy performance showcasing the legendary eras of this Rock n’ Roll icon. Marnie is a multiple Elvis Tribute Competition finalist, who is a dedicated and passionate performer blazing the trail to keep the legacy of Elvis alive for all generations to enjoy.

Marnie Lee Mackintosh competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

RICHARD WOLFE (Hamilton, Ontario)

Hails from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada He has been competing for over 10 years and has won many championship titles including 2013 Lake George's Non Pro Champion, 2014 Collingwood's Movie Years Champion, King Trilogy Grand Champion, Flaming Star Festival 2015 Gospel Champion and Pro Division Grand Champion. 3rd place winner Flaming Star Festival 2017
The highlight of Richard's career was winning Collingwood's Non Pro Early Years in 2013 sending him to Memphis to compete for the Ultimate!
You can find Richard performing at festivals and shows throughout Canada and the United States.
No matter where he performs, the energy Wolfe exhibits brings any audience to their feet, and makes them twist and shout !

Richard Wolfe competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest


Dave Weaver has always been a fan of Elvis, ever since he can remember. And later in life he realized that he could sing some of his song well enough to perform Tribute Shows.

Dave has been performing tribute to The King for 18 years. During that time he has performed and competed in Memphis, TN, Lake George, NY, Brunswick, GA, Manchester, NH, Las Vegas, NV, Dewey Beach, DE, Barrie, CAN, Niagara Falls, CAN., Westfield, NY, along with many other shows throughout New York State and Pennsylvania.

In keeping true to Elvis’ generosity, not only to his friends, but to different charities, Dave has raised a few thousand dollars over the years for the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life and has performed to benefit other local charities. It’s a pleasure for Dave to be back in this wonderful Niagara Falls Elvis Festival. Thank You! Thank You Very Much!

Dave Weaver competes as Elvis Presley

ANTHONY JOSEPH (Hamilton, Ontario)

Anthony Joseph is a 25 year old ETA from Hamilton, Ontario. Although he performs all eras of Elvis' career, he specializes in authentically recreating the Concert Years. Anthony has won awards in both Canada and the USA. Working towards his music degree he takes pride in his craft and gives the best performing possible. He looks forward to attending the Niagara Falls Elvis Festival for the first time this year, seeing old friends and making new ones. His favorite Elvis song is Unchained Melody.

Anthony Joseph competes as Elvis Presley


Mark Shelton from Vermont has being paying tribute to Elvis for more than 10 years and is considered a dynamic performer with astounding vocal prowess that leaves audiences mesmerized in amazement. New to the Elvis Tribute Artist competition world, Mark Shelton was awarded the “People’s Choice” award at the 2017 “Reflections of the King”; runner up in the 2018 “28th Annual People’s Choice in Montreal” (his first appearance at each event); and has been receiving accolades and invites to perform all over the world. He continues to gain global attention due to his humanitarian work, service to his country (Military Police Officer in the United States Army), the quality of his performances and vocals, as well as his long history (since 1978) of his Elvis Tribute performances, and the positive reflection Mark brings to the memory of the King of Rock and Roll.

Mark Shelton competes as Elvis Presley

MATTHEW BOYCE (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Matthew Boyce is a 19 year-old Elvis Tribute Artist who has performed at countless events since the age of seven. Matthew has competed at Elvis Festivals in the US and Canada, placing first at the Lake George Elvis Festival in 2017 and earning the title of Grand Champion from the Rock and Roll Remembered Contest in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada and the Barrie Rock and Roll fest as well. This past year, he starred in the touring show "On Tour: A Tribute to the King," as well as “Memories of Elvis” with casts including Bill Cherry, Dean Z, Sylvain LeDuc, Chance Tinder, Gordon Hendricks and Patrick Johnson. In addition to paying tribute to Elvis, Matthew has performed in over 45 musical theater productions throughout New York. Matthew plays guitar, piano, bass and drums and enjoys performing as a solo acoustic artist, singing all types of music, including his own originals.

Matthew Boyce competes as Elvis Presley


Dustin Bricker is in his fourth year as an ETA and has had the pleasure to perform for so many amazing people. It is a thrill for him to sing his favourite music in front of people who love it as much as he does. He has been awarded first place in the Non Pro division at both the Collingwood and Tweed Elvis festivals. This is his first year as a true professional and he couldn’t be more excited.

Dustin Bricker competes as Elvis Presley

MIKE CALAMUSA (Belleville, ON)

Mike has been an Elvis fan just about as far back as he can remember. He grew up listening to Elvis with his late father, Joe and one of his earliest memories is watching Aloha from Hawaii with his family.
Mike began his tribute to Elvis after watching a family member compete at the Collingwood Elvis Festival years ago. Being an ETA proved to be more challenging than he thought that first year, but that only made him work harder to hone his performances through the past decade.
Mikes vocal abilities and his attention to the nuances of Elvis’s performance have won the hearts of fans and have allowed him to win accolades in Canada and the United States. He loves to pay tribute to Elvis’s work and life, and always enjoys connecting with fans of The King.

Mike Calamusa competes as Elvis Presley


Lee Alexander has been a tribute artist for four years and has very quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the UK's top Elvis Tribute Artists.
An Elvis fan first and foremost, Lee takes great pride and passion performing his tribute to the King of Rock and Roll.
Lee lives just outside London and performs all over England and the world. In a short time he has become a multi-award winning ETA: Return to Graceland 2016 Champion, European Gospel Champion 2017, Best Festival Elvis 2017 and King of Spain Grand Champion 2018.
Singing Elvis is his passion and brings this to every performance.

Lee Alexander competes as Elvis Presley


Internationally known, multi award winning Tribute Artist from Goode Virginia, Taylor has been nominated to receive the New Horizon award in Las Vegas in 2019.

Taylor Rodriguez competes as Elvis Presley


“When I was a little boy, my dad, who's a big fan of Elvis, introduced me to Elvis and his music. Now I've been performing his music in front of large diverse audiences. I’ve placed first in multiple contests such as the E.P. Expo and Elvis Rocks Mesquite. There’s nothing that I think is more fun than performing for an audience and performing the music of Elvis Presley. My goal is to make others happy and if they’re not happy, neither am I.”

Caden Gamblin competes as Elvis Presley


Michael became an Elvis fan at the early age of 6, and at age 10, started performing for charities. At age 20, he gave his first professional Elvis tribute show. Expecting 50 people to show, instead almost 900 people had squeezed in. Michael considered it a good start to his career and absolutely enjoys doing his Elvis tribute shows!
"I feel honored and blessed to be able to pay tribute to a man whose popularity is as strong now as it ever was. I am a professional entertainer. I play a part. When I'm off stage, I am myself." Michael has performed all around the country including Las Vegas and Florida, and in Canada for crowds in excess of 17,000 people. He has been performing Elvis shows for 30 years and in 2002 competed at the Collingwood Elvis Festival in Canada.

Michael OConnor competes as Elvis Presley


Patrick Johnson is originally from Ireland but now resides in the US. Once in the U.S., he made the decision to become an Elvis Tribute Artist. He has recreated the music and excitement of Elvis in concert venues, casinos, participating in benefits and private events locally and in several states and Canada.
Aside from singing, his ability to interact with the audience through his humour and engaging them to sing along at times is one of his best attributes. Although he is entertaining the crowd, he is also having fun himself. He appears to be very comfortable on stage and it shows in his performances.

Patrick Johnson competes as Elvis Presley


Joey Cundari is an award winning tribute artist. He has been an Elvis tribute artist for over 10 years. He is also a school teacher. He enjoys singing and keeping the memory of Elvis alive.

Joey Cundari competes as Elvis Presley


As a lifelong Elvis fan, James Gibb channelled his love for Elvis into a tribute, portraying Elvis in his “Early Years". Since starting out James has gone on to win 1st place in many competitions.
One of the most important being 1st Place at the 2014 Tweed Elvis Festival which secured James a spot in the 2015 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest held in Memphis, Tennessee.
James is also very proud of his 2014 Flaming Star Elvis Festival Gospel Champion title as well as his 2011 Pro Early Years Grand Champion title at the Collingwood Elvis Festival.

James Gibb competes as Elvis Presley