Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist™ Contest

Welcome Elvis Tribute Artists!

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in our inaugural Niagara Falls Elvis Festival. Licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, we are excited to be a preliminary competition for the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest® in Memphis in 2017.

Our three-day event will include:

  • Opportunity to perform on stage with the renowned Casino Brothers Band
  • Celebrity and experienced Elvis promoters/agents Judges
  • A People's Choice Award
  • $5,000 in prize money
  • Meal on day of contest*

  • Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist™ Contestin in Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Sylvain Leduc: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Sylvain Leduc

  • Roy Leblanc: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Roy Leblanc

  • Patrick Dunn: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Patrick Dunn

  • Diogo Light: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Diogo Light

  • Bruce Andrew Stewart: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Bruce Andrew Stewart

  • Al Ross: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Al Ross

  • Bruno Nesci: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Bruno Nesci

  • Richard Wolfe: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Richard Wolfe

  • Zach Peddie: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Zach Peddie

  • Kirk Francois: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Kirk Francois

  • Mark Barsenbach: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Mark Barsenbach

  • Mike Calamusa: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Mike Calamusa

  • Brycen Katolinsky: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Brycen Katolinsky

  • Michael Cullipher: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Michael Cullipher

  • Joey Cundari: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Joey Cundari

  • Patrick Johnson: ETA Competitor

    ETA Competitor

    Patrick Johnson

Learn more about these wonderful ETA competitors seen above.

Are you ready to be crowned <em>King</em> of the Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist™ contest?

Are you ready to be crowned King of the

Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist™ contest?

About This Contest

In 2007, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. announced an inaugural Elvis tribute artist contest event that was a search for the "best representation of the legacy of Elvis Presley." Twenty-four of the best ETAs from around the world, who had each won a preliminary round of the competition, traveled to Memphis during Elvis Week 2007 to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

In response to the excitement generated by the first contest, Elvis Presley Enterprises has held the contest each year since, with winners of preliminary contests traveling to Memphis each August to compete for the title.

For information on this year's Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, visit the official Graceland website.

Contest Format

For our inaugural competition, we will be accepting 22 Professional competitors. All competitors will compete in two rounds of two songs on Saturday (morning and afternoon), performing with tracks.

Ten ETAs will move on to the semi final on Sunday morning and five ETAs will compete in the final Sunday evening. Sunday competitors will each perform three songs with The Casino Brothers Band.

Prize Structure:

The winner of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest will be eligible to compete in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest in Memphis in August. Prize money will be paid in Canadian Dollars to the top three ETAs.

  • 1st : $2,800
  • 2nd : $1,200
  • 3rd : $700

Peoples Choice Award

Fans will have a chance to vote for the People's Choice award after the Saturday afternoon performances. Winner of the People's Choice award will be announced Sunday night at the Finale.

List of our prestigious ETA Competitors - 2017

SYLVAIN LEDUC - Valleyfield, Québec

Sylvain Leduc's passion for Elvis Presley came at a very early age since his family all enjoyed the King of Rock & Roll's music.

From back then until today, Leduc has been working hard to reproduce Elvis' signature posture, moves as well as perfecting his voice to match the King's image.

Sylvain Leduc competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest


Hailing from Manhattan in NYC, Patrick Dunn is no stranger to the stage. He performed in his first NYC production at age twelve and since has had the honor of performing in different musical productions around the globe. An internationally recognized and award-winning Tribute Artist, Dunn has qualified for the 'Ultimate' two years running and has finished in the 'Top 5' back-to-back years.

Patrick Dunn competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

ROY LEBLANC - St. Thomas, Ontario

In 1999 Roy Leblanc entered the world's largest Elvis contest held yearly in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. He won the championship that year and has never looked back.

Shortly after that big win he formed a band and has since been performing at fairs, festivals, theatres, dance halls and casinos across the country wowing crowds with not only his voice but his stunning resemblance to Elvis himself.

Roy Leblanc competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

DIOGO LIGHT - Porto Alegre, Brazil

With performances throughout South and North America and in Australia, Diogo Light's popularity means that he has put his successful career as a defense attorney on hold so he can spend more time on stage delighting fans by singing the Elvis songs he grew up with.

Light says having his Elvis Presley tribute recognized by fans in so many countries is amazing & he embraces this responsibility with love & respect.

Diogo Light competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

BRUCE ANDREW STEWART - Georgian Bay, Ontario

Bruce Andrew Stewart celebrates the spirit of the KING with his rockabilly performance and heartfelt vocal styling, paying tribute to ELVIS in the early, movie, '68 leather & concert years.

Stewart's love for Elvis - entertaining and sharing in Elvis' life and music - is his number one goal and achievement.

Bruce Andrew Stewart competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

AL ROSS - Stoney Creek, Ontario

Al Ross is one of North America's foremost Tribute Artists. With a true tenor voice and R&B background, his authenticity of recreating Elvis' Vegas Era captivates audiences of all ages.

Ross has been featured in several commercials and movies portraying Elvis.

Al Ross competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

BRUNO NESCI - Woodbridge, Ontario

Bruno Nesci has been performing as Elvis since he was 8 years old. Since then, he's worked diligently to produce his professional concert and bring it to the highest level.

Nesci has the looks, moves and voice which makes him one of the best Elvis performers in the business.

Bruno Nesci competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

RICHARD WOLFE - Hamilton, Ontario

On the tribute artist scene for 9 years now, Richard has really captured the magic of Elvis' early years, exciting audiences across North America.

No matter where he performs, the energy Wolfe exhibits brings any audience to its feet, and makes them twist and shout!

Richard Wolfe competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

ZACH PEDDIE - St. Thomas, Ontario

19 year old Zach Peddie has been paying his respects to Elvis since he was five years old. Peddie has spent his life taking in every move and trying to build the most authentic Elvis tribute he can.

His many awards and grand championships over the years are a testament to how his hard work and efforts have paid off.

Zach Peddie competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

KIRK FRANCOIS - Brockville, Ontario

Kirk Francois has been performing as Elvis steadily since 2000. He pays tribute to the 70s era of Elvis' career, with reverence, love and respect.

There will obviously never been another Elvis, but as long as as the fans keep coming, Francois will keep performing his tribute.

Kirk Francois competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

MARK BARSENBACH - Sydney, Australia

Born in Australia and now residing in Canada Mark grew up surrounded by family passionate for Gospel, Country and Elvis music.

With this early upbringing and a real love for Elvis' life, Mark’s attention to detail is a tribute to his dedication in making his audiences in both Australia and Canada experience a performance as close as you can to "The King" himself.

Mark Barsenbach competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

MIKE CALAMUSA - Belleville, Ontario

Mike Calamusa has returned as an ETA after a nine-year hiatus. Earlier in his Elvis career, Mike competed in many contests in Canada and the US, placing in the top 3 on numerous occasions.

Calamusa is looking forward to competitions throughout 2017, plus meeting as many Elvis fans as possible.

Mike Calamusa competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

BRYCEN KATOLINSKY - St. Catharines, Ontario

A singer, actor and songwriter, Katolinsky is also an award winning champion and performer across Canada, the United States and abroad for the past 13 years.

Most recently, Katolinsky performed on the Norwegian Cruise Line as Elvis in the Million Dollar Quartet Broadway Play. Watching him on stage will make you believe!

Brycen Katolinsky competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest


At 4 years old, when he first discovered The King, Michael Cullipher knew that he wanted to be an Elvis Tribute Artist. His desire became so strong that he began to pray every day that he would grow sideburns & sound like Elvis.

Michael's dream eventually became a reality at nineteen years old. He entered and won the Elvis Extravaganza contest in 2009, and from that moment on - he was hooked and a career was born!

Michael Cullipher competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest


Middle School French teacher by day and Elvis Tribute Artist at night, Joey Cundari has been keeping the memory of Elvis alive for over ten years.

Cundari's desire to entertain and to make people happy exemplifies his passion for music, in general.

Joey Cundari competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest


Being a Professional Elvis Tribute Artist is about becoming that personality on stage, and you can see Patrick has spent many years perfecting his craft.

With his powerful and dynamic voice, he is able to captivate his audience – both young and old alike.

Patrick Johnson competes in the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

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  • Sylvain Leduc
  • Roy Leblanc
  • Patrick Dunn
  • Diogo Light
  • Bruce Andrew Stewart
  • Al Ross
  • Bruno Nesci
  • Richard Wolfe
  • Zach Peddie
  • Kirk Francois
  • Mark Barsenbach
  • Mike Calamusa
  • Brycen Katolinsky
  • Michael Cullipher
  • Joey Cundari
  • Patrick Johnson